VerteCore Seeks to Hire 1,000 Sales People and Manufacturer Reps to Sell the New $799 Mobile, Spinal Decompression Medical Device to Medical Doctors, Orthopedists and Chiropractors

The Firm Seeks to Hire Twenty Sales Reps in Every State in the United States and Will Then Begin Targeting China, Japan, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Brazil, Canada, South Korea and Russia


Dallas, Texas – VerteCore Technologies announced plans to begin hiring field sales and manufacturing sales reps to sell its VerteCore Lift product line, which is an FDA, Class One cleared mobile spinal decompression medical device, to Medical Doctors, Orthopedists, Chiropractors and Neurosurgeons that want to avoid performing invasive back surgery and/or prescribing unnecessary addictive opioid pain medications.

Spine Care Center Specialist Helping Patient Relieve Back Pain with a $299 VerteCore Lift

Spine Care Center Specialist Helping Patient Relieve Back Pain with a $299 VerteCore Lift

The VerteCore Lift provides spinal traction that stretches/relieves pressure on Lumbar and Thoracic vertebrae and allows bulging, herniated and ruptured discs to resorb back into their normal position in order to let the body naturally heal itself.

For the medical industry, the VerteCore Lift will be a very cost effective option for medical doctors that cannot afford to purchase $80,000 spinal traction medical equipment or who do not have enough office space to house the large footprint required to install most spine traction units.

The Lift Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is $599 and only requires 18″ x 10″ x 4″ space such as a cabinet to store the device when not in use.

If a Practitioner charged $100 per 20 minute session x 5 sessions per day x 20 business days per month, with a single VerteCore Lift, an M.D. or Chiropractor could add $10,000 per month/$120,000 per year in gross revenue to their medical practice.

At $599, it will only take six patient visits to provide a 100% return-on-investment. It will be a very easy purchase decision to make for all medical personnel.

Or in a different scenario, doctors could implement a three-month lease program, which would allow patients to self-treat their chronic back pain at home and avoid time-consuming doctor’s appointments.

Chiropractor Explaining How a VerteCore Can Help Overweight Patients Relieve Their Back Pain and Get Them Back into an Active Lifestyle

Chiropractor Explaining How a VerteCore Can Help Overweight Patients Relieve Their Back Pain and Get Them Back into an Active Lifestyle

For consumers, the VerteCore Lift will compete directly against gravity inversion tables, which are uncomfortable, allow blood to rush to the head and are sometimes painful to the ankles and knees of tall and/or heavy people. The Lift is easy to put on and can decompress the spine with just a few clicks. It is comfortable, portable and can be worn under/over clothing during normal daily activities.

Since the Lift is an FDA, Class One medical device it can be sold and purchased directly by the consumer and does not require a prescription. This also means that anyone from medical device sales people to approved reseller affiliates can earn a good living by selling the mobile, spinal decompression device to family, friends and business colleagues.

Sales reps, ecommerce sites, bloggers, retailers, resellers and distributors can earn up to a 30% commission on each Lift sold for the lifetime of that account. Selling 100 units per month would allow a sales person to earn more than $200,000 per year.

VerteCore Lift Quota/Sales Commission Schedule
Price Units/Mo. Commission Rev/Month Rev/Year
$599 5 10% $299 $3,594
10 15% $898 $10,782
25 20% $2,995 $35,940
50 25% $7,487 $89,850
100 30% $17,970 $215,640

All sales reps are encouraged to purchase their own personal unit. Right now VerteCore’s Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign is selling “Lifts” for only $299, which is a 50% discount or a savings of $300. A sales kit with spec sheets, pricing, technical white papers, sales contracts and marketing strategies will be provided upon approval.

Please visit this link for more information and product demonstration videos:–2/x/1907888#/

Sales candidates should connect with Paul Leake, VerteCore’s CEO, on LinkedIn at: and orders can be placed by calling the firm’s distribution center at (888) 928-LIFT with 30 to 60 day delivery schedules depending on quantities ordered.

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